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R. L. Dial Introduces The "D" System

Finally a Brake Delining system for the "Little Guy"


  When the BMS 2/4 brake delining system was finally developed, it quickly became the premier method in the industry for delining heavy duty truck brake shoes. Under ideal conditions this 2/4 system was intended to put out 500 shoes a day. In spite of its "hoped for" speed, this system was not and still is not for everybody. The price of the 2/4 system (over $145,000.00) really disqualifies it for the small to medium reliner. If you were a large reliner requiring a consistent production of over 400 shoes a day then the price of that high speed system might eventually be  recovered. On the other hand, if you were a small to medium size reliner trying to compete with the "Big Boys" you had a problem. You were either forced to make do with the old "chopper/stripper" units or you had to bite the bullet and shell out $125,000.00 plus with no guarantees that you would recover your investment in a timely manner. All you could do was to hope that your business would increase enough to justify that kind of investment.  R.L. Dial  sold this high speed system for years but stopped in later years due to its high cost and the perceived unfair marketing practices of Brake Machinery Sales.

The little guy can compete - When it comes to cleaning, delining, blasting and painting a heavy duty truck brake shoe, the smaller company can compete with the high volume reliner pretty effectively. The high speed system, because of its cost is far  beyond the reach of the little guy. On the other hand, R. L. Dial's "D System," is geared to a shop doing up to 400 shoes a day. At a price of around $70,000.00 (depending on how you have the machines configured) and the "Pay Back" time is very quick indeed.

These machines are priced individually and as a system. If you would like additional information, or prices, give us a call at 800-645-8652. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Now Let's take an in-depth look at this system and the machines that comprise it.

Dial WBT-11 This 11-cf. Tumbler Waterblaster has been around for many years. Experienced users will tell you, for "batch Cleaning" parts that can be tumbled, it's the best. These units will clean 25 to 30 shoes in about 15 minutes and this should be the very first step in a brake reline operation. Always wash the shoes before delining them. These new high speed hydraulic deliners will not tolerate dirty gritty shoes. Delining a clean shoe is safer, more pleasant for the employee, and that  makes for higher productivity.
SPHD-1 Single Punch Hydraulic Deliner - This is the heart of the system and is one of the better machines ever developed for delining heavy duty truck brake shoes. There are hundreds of these machines being used and they are doing a wonderful job making money for their owners. This little jewel runs on 110 volts, is hydraulically operated and will deline all riveted shoes. It will take the lining off a 4515 in 35 to 40 seconds and there are NO rivets left in the shoe to be punched out. The old lining is stacked neatly in the box that the new lining came in, and then placed in the dumpster. Compare this to the piles of ripped up dirty lining that came from the old "chopper/stripper" machines. A delining operation does not have to be a dirty job. In fact, it can be fairly clean one, if performed correctly.
UTB-11 Dial UTB-11 "Underthrow" Steel Shot Blaster - This 11-cf. machine is for shot blasting the shoes after they have been delined and before painting. This particular unit is the companion to the WBT-11 Tumbler Waterblaster. Both will hold 25 to 30 shoes and will run about the same cycle times. When we came out with our own line of steel shot blasters the first thing we did was get rid of the "bag" type dust collectors. All R. L. Dial shot blasters use the newer, more efficient and self cleaning "Torrit" canister type units.
Dial DT-1 Air powered paint system - The shoes are very warm coming out of the shot blaster and now is the time to paint them since the heat will facilitate the drying time. The DT-1, paints 18 shoes in about one minute and 28 seconds. This air powered paint system was developed years ago and was originally designed to use solvent-based paints. Today that is a "no no" We took that old concept, upgraded the engineering and made a unit that uses "state of the art" water based paints. The result? We have one of the fastest and most efficient "batch" painting systems for heavy duty truck brake shoes available. These machines work like the ballast system on a submarine. The paint is stored in the lower compartment until needed. After loading the shoes in the upper compartment you open the air valve and compressed air forces the paint up into the upper compartment covering the shoes. Release the pressure and the paint then drains back down to the lower compartment where it is protected from the atmosphere, leaving you 18 painted shoes. It is clean, neat, and very efficient. You can now either leave the shoes in the compartment to dry or if you like, take them out and put them on a pallet.