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Hollow Spindle Lathes

All lathes come with the finest quality American Tooling available.

DIAL'S Magnum Bore  Lathe - THE MOST VERSATILE of all Tool Room LATHEs
Dial 2040AFT Dial's Model 2040-AFT Hollow Spindle Bore Lathe
The Most Versatile Tool Room Lathe in America - Powerful - Compact - Definitely Cost Effective.
Can also be ordered with a Tapering Attachment. Want a 60" bed or a four jaw chuck? We have those too. This wonderful lathe comes with an American manufactured Aloris quick change tool post and tooling. 
Rest assured this lathe is big enough, tough enough, and precise enough to do any job required of it. Whether you are turning solid stock or tube stock, it makes no difference to this lathe. All of this at a price that's affordable.
Chuck Typ
hole through chuck:   


  24 - 400 RPM
3 Jaw
9.375"  (238 mm)
7.5 HP
208-230 V 3 Phase
68'H x 43" x 80"L
40" (6o" Optional)
4200 LB



  Dial's Newest   Model 2-2060

Dial's Heavy Industrial - Magnum Bore Hollow Spindle -  60"  (1500 mm) Gap Bed Lathe. 

This lathe lends itself to the heavy duty turning of heavy stock such as that found in Hydraulic Cylinder repair, Oil Collar threading, and  Drill Pipe machining.

This unit comes with a 250 mm Steady Rest, MT # 5 Tailstock,  3 Jaw self centering chucks,  Two Drive Ranges (High Drive 24 - 400 RPM - Low Drive High Torque  0 - 200 RPM.) Want a shorter 40" (1,000 mm) bed length? We'll do that.

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Threading Tapered Pipe With Auto Feed

 wpe1.gif (36317 bytes)  The optional Aloris indexed quick change tool post is an option that makes this lathe even more versatile.

TubeMaster  Combo 7" and 10" Bore With Auto Feed and Threading. 

One of our most popular true engine lathes with a large bore. Nothing like it in the US at this price. Available with 40" or 60" bed.

Speed: 25 to 400 RPM

Chuck Type: 3 Jaw

Hole through chuck: 5.2"  130 mm

Horsepower:  7" Bore 5 HP  (10" Bore 7.5 HP)

Power Requirements: 208-230 V 3 Phase

Dimensions: 68"H X 43"D X 89"L

Bed Length: 40"  (60" Optional)

Shipping Weight: 4200 lb.

 Automatic feed and threading ability combined with a large bore makes this unit one of the most versatile lathes in America.

Whether you are cutting out welds, cutting pipe, threading pipe, turning down shafts, threading hydraulic cylinders or just cutting and squaring drive shaft tubing, this is the lathe for you.  A 40" bed is standard. . .you want a 60" bed? We got that also. Call for pricing and delivery.  800-645-8652


Large Bore Boring


Threading Tapered Pipe With Auto Feed


Weld & Yoke Removal & Tube Dressing

Magnum TubeMaster Combo 10"

Big brother to the 7' unit pictured above. It too is a conventional lathe with movable carriage, tailstock and steady rest, but with a bigger bore and work holding capacity. 

Speed: Variable 0 - 400 RPM Hole Through Chuck: 9.375" Approx.     Horsepower:7.5                Chuck Type: 3 Jaw                Power requirements: 230 Volt   3 Phase                  Dimensions: 68"H X 43"D X 89"L                                    Bed Length: 40"     Shipping Weight: 3960 lb.

At 10" this is one of the largest bore "Hollow Spindle Lathes" available in America.  

This unit is also available with "Auto Feed" and "Threading" capabilities.

For pricing and delivery call us  800-645-8652

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Weld & Yoke Removal & Tube Dressing


ShaftCutter Single Speed 7"

Static bed with the compound designed for weld removal and tube dressing

Speed: 100 RPM

(Variable Speed Available)

Spindle Bore: 7"

Hole through chuck: 5.2"  (130 mm)

Chuck Type: 3 Jaw

Horsepower: 3 hp

Power Requirements: 208-230 Volt 3 Phase

Dimensions: 57"H X 35"D X 67"L

Shipping Weight: 3300 lb.

This Hollow Spindle Cut Off Lathe is available both in 7" and Magnum 10" sizes.

It is designed to quickly and efficiently cut tubing and other round stock in preparation for fabricating.

For pricing and delivery call us  800-645-8652

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Weld & Yoke Removal & Tube Dressing

ShaftCutter Single Speed Magnum 10" Bore

Speed: 100 RPM

Variable Speed Available 25-400 RPM

Hole through chuck: 9.875

Chuck Type: 3 Jaw

Horsepower: 7.5 hp

Power Requirements: 230 V 3 Phase

Dimensions: 57"H X 35"D X 67"L

Shipping Weight: 3500 lb.                   

This is the Magnum 10" Bore Cut Off Lathe. Like its smaller brother the 7" unit, it will cut tubing, and other round stock as well as making short work in cutting out welds and squaring up material for fabrication.

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Weld & Yoke Removal & Tube Dressing


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