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Under-Throw Steel Shot Blasters
All of our Steel Shot Blasters are equipped with self cleaning "Canister" Dust Collectors
These "Under Throw" units were invented by a brilliant Kansas inventor known as "Old Swede" Enegren.
"Old Swede" wanted an airless steel shot blaster that was affordable to the "Little Guy." and so it was.
If you are lucky enough to have one of his machines keep in mind that those can be rebuilt to like new.
At Dial, we have continued to manufacture those units with the spirit of Old Swede built into them.
All of our units are built using 1/4" steel plate, heat treated and hardened to with stand the extreme
environment that a steel shot blaster endures. The unit pictured here is a Model UTB-11 (11 cubic feet capacity). 
These wonderful machines are also available in other sizes 17cft, 6cft, 3cft 
UTB 18 This unit is built with the same design and engineering that has made "Dial" one of the most respected names in the metal surface finishing Industry. This is an 18 cft semi self unlaoding unit. It will take 40 to 45 heavy duty brake shoes and in 15 minutes bring them to white metal. It is equipped with two 15 HP motors, running twin oposing blast wheels. Need more information? Call us or e-mail us. You will be glad you did.  800-645-8652 e-mail
 Over-Head Blast Mills
The worlds most efficient
Steel Shot Blasters
Completely self-unloading and
ideal for automation
Steel Shot Blaster New from our Metal Surfacing Division The Dialabrator Model 15L.  This site is  currently under construction.  Please call 800-645-8652 for more information.  3-24-15.
OH3-A This model OH-3,  (3 cft) Over Head Blast Mill is referred to by its owners as "Mighty Mouse" simply because it is small, compact and extremely fast. It is self unloading, very easy to maintain and with the "Torrit " self cleaning dust collectors, extremely efficient.  The controls are PLC, and the machine is constructed with Dial's state of the art hardened steels and carries the best warranty in the industry.

Table Blasters

Ideal for "Specialized Shot Blasting" i.e. Transmission Cases, Rear End Housings and Engine Blocks

TB-48   Model TSB- 48 (48" Table Capacity) Other sizes available on  request.  These units lend themselves to shot blasting parts that otherwise can not be tumbled such as transmission cases, carrier housings, engine blocks, etc.